Scholarships for Seniors- 10 Scams to Watch Out for

10 College Scholarship Scams

There are plenty of Scholarships for seniors out there, however, for every legitimate opportunity, there is bound to be a nasty college scholarship scam right next to it.


1. You Won Something You Didn’t Apply For

“Congratulations! You’ve won a $50,000 College Scholarship! Click Here to Claim Your Prize!”

If you think it sounds too good to be true- guess what, if it! Don’t be tempted to click, it is extremely unlikely that someone is waiting to give away free money without trying to steal information from you or sell you something.

 2. They ask for a Fee

If a College scholarship organization asks you to pay a fee upon application, chance are your money will simply disappear. Not to mention, if a company is collecting $10 applicant fee’s and the prize is only $1000… Chances are they are pocketing a large amount of profit from unsuspecting college hopefuls.

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Scholarships for Seniors

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 3. You Need to Buy Something to Be Considered

If you need to purchase a product to be considered, chances are (like companies asking for admin fees upon application) That this company is selling large amounts product, and only giving back a measly % of the profit, once again- the High School Senior gets duped again.


4. You Need to Attend a Seminar to Be Considered

When families are unable to send their Children to College, they are openly susceptible to College Scholarship scams. If you are asked to attend a seminar, chances are the company is offering a scholarship to one of the high school senior attendees, however, you will have to sit through a very high pressure sales pitch, trying to get families to take out expensive college consulting services or even high interest loans.

5. The Application Asks for Bank Account Information

“We require your bank information so that we can deposit your award in your account.”

STOP- This is the sign of a major College Scholarship Scam, don’t do it! If the company is legitimate- they will pay your via check or the college directly. If you do provide your banks details, chances are you see money missing rather than deposited!

6. The Scholarship is “Guaranteed”

When looking for Scholarships for seniors, you will discover it is extremely competitive- many students apply, and only a few will receive scholarships. If a company promised you a scholarship- or claims at least half of the applicants will receive an award, this is another College Scholarship Scam- very few companies could afford such an outlay of money, chance are you once again will get scammed.

7. You cannot trace the company offering the award

There are many small organisations that offer scholarships, however, just a little research will reveal whether the company is legitimate or not. Does the company have a traceable business address? Phone/fax and website? Are they easy to contact? If you can’t access any of this information, be very wary.

8. The Organization Wants Your Credit Card Information

If the scholarship application asks you to enter your credit card information, don’t be silly, close the webpage and get on with your life. If they want these details, chances are they have sinister plans for them.

9. “We’ll Do All the Work”

If a scholarship application states that you don’t need to do anything other than your email address, chances are they will abuse your personal information. This is another red flag identified by the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection (see their page on scholarship scams).

10. “You Can’t Get This Information Anywhere Else”

This is another red flag identified by the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Most companies offer scholarships so that they can be seen to be assisting the community- they are not going to hide the fact they are doing this! If the information about the scholarship is not easily accessible, chances are they are trying to get you to sell you something. .

 Places to Find Legitimate Scholarships for Seniors

Doing a random web search for scholarships runs the danger of turning up scams. To be safe, focus on one of the big reputable companies that provides free scholarship matching services for students. Here are some good places to start:

  • The maker of the SAT and Advanced Placement exams also brings you “Scholarship Search,” a database representing $3 billion in scholarship funds.
  • Scholarship Zone: Has an easy to follow interface, you only have to enter a few details along the way and they match you up with opportunities based on your location and interests.
  • One of my favourites, Cappex has a spam-free interface, and you’ll find private scholarships, college-specific merit scholarships, and college-matching services all in one place. The listings at Cappex represent $11 billion in available money. The merit aid information is the best out there.
  • FastWeb: FastWeb has been a long-time leader in scholarship search. In 2001 the company was sold to Monster Worldwide, the parent company of job search giant In recent years, the site seems to have more ads and fewer scholarships than in its glory days.


Looking for Scholarships for seniors can be challenging, however if you are diligent, resourceful and watchful of these above scams, you are sure to find some amazing opportunities. Scholarships can be your key to a college education.


Tips for High School Seniors Applying for College Scholarships

Preparing to Apply for Scholarships for Seniors

The scholarship application can be scary. If you’re like any other high school senior, this will be your first scholarship application. You’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of information there is on the internet. In fact, you aren’t even sure which scholarship to apply for and which scholarship you even qualify for. Don’t worry, it’s a really simple process!

Before you apply for any scholarship, make sure that you have all the necessary requirements. First and foremost, you’ll need a copy of your transcript. Your grades are a huge factor when applying for scholarships, so it’s important that you have multiple copies of your transcript handy.

Secondly, you’ll have to fill out a FAFSA. FAFSA stands for The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Most scholarships will require that you fill out the FAFSA, and either way the FAFSA is the best way to begin your application process. You will definitely be awarded some money through the FAFSA alone.

After the FAFSA, you should also look into other potential scholarships that you may qualify for. There are a lot of scholarships out there; a quick Google search will show you a lot of information. If you can’t find any scholarships, talk to a teacher or counsellor from your high school or college. There is no excuse for not finding a scholarship because there are literally hundreds to choose from.

Most scholarships will probably ask for letters of recommendation. You should get different letters of recommendation for different scholarships, even if they are from the same person. The letters should reflect the scholarship. Remember, you want to find a person who will convince the scholarship people that you are perfect for the scholarship and you deserve the scholarship.

Some scholarships may require you to write an essay. Now don’t get lazy with this! Believe it or not, these people will actually read your essay (they wouldn’t ask for it if they weren’t going to read it). If a scholarship asks for an essay, make sure that you write an essay that shows WHY you deserve the scholarship and WHY they should give it to you. Answer all the questions they have. The essay can be the difference between free money and paying for your education.

Applying for Scholarships for Seniors can be very complicated, if you let it get to your head. But there are plenty of tools and resources available to you, take full advantage of all the opportunity you have around you!

Scholarships for Seniors- there are Plenty Scholarships To Choose From

There Are Plenty of Scholarships to Choose From

If you don’t have the best grades, or you aren’t a superstar athlete, don’t worry. There is a scholarship for you and specific programs that target scholarships for seniors. There are literally thousands of scholarships from which you can choose from.

There are two types of scholarships. The first type is merit-based. This is the scholarship everyone is used to hearing. A school offers a student a full ride because of his 4.0 GPA. The “traditional” scholarship if you will.

But there are also many scholarships that are geared towards particular groups of people. For example, there are scholarships that are specifically for women. There are some scholarships that are specifically for the children of military parents. There are even scholarships for left-handed people! When you are looking for a scholarship, you have no excuse for not finding one you qualify for because there are just too many scholarships out there waiting to be used.

You don’t even need a huge scholarship that covers your entire education. You can apply for a lot of small scholarships that add up to a large amount of money. There is no rule saying you can’t get more than one scholarship!

A scholarship will save you a lot of money, so be thorough in your research when you are looking for one. Your goal is to get the most money possible for your education, so make sure that you put in 100% effort when you are looking for scholarships. Scholarships are free money.

Where to Start Looking for College Scholarships?

If you’re unsure of where to start looking for a scholarship, ask you teachers or counsellors. Their job is to help you. If your high school educators aren’t able to find many for you, don’t hesitate to go to the financial aid office of your college. The people at your college will be able to give you the scholarships provided by your college as well as other sources of information you could look through.

The best place to look for a scholarship is the internet! Try Google for a quick search on a national scholarship database. Look through multiple databases!

There is absolutely no reason why a person will not be granted a scholarship. Don’t be discouraged when you are looking for scholarships for Seniors! There are plenty of small scholarships that you can apply for as well as big scholarships. With the number of scholarships that are available to students, the only thing stopping a high school graduate from getting a scholarship is laziness.  So don’t be lazy and find those scholarships, then apply for them!

Scholarships for Seniors